Service Times: Sundays at 8AM & 10AM

Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

St. Paul's Glossary

10:00 am Service

For those churchgoers who are unable to get up early enough to attend the 8:00 am service and who need another cup of coffee to stay awake during the Pastor's sermons. Praise music and Children's time are part of this service. 

8:00 am Early Service

For those early birds who would like to get a jump on their Sundays and listen to the Pastor practice her sermon for the 10:00 am service. Communion is served every Sunday. 

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is the administrative body  that envisions, plans, implements and evaluates the ministry of the Church. We set annual goals and work together toward realizing the vision we established for ourselves as a congregation (See Vision Statement). This body includes various team leaders in finance, education, trustees, stewardship, Staff Parish Relations Council (SPRC), Girlfriends of the Church, Missions, Welcoming team our Pastor and Lay Leader. The Ad Council (as we are affectionately known) meets on the third Sunday of each month after the 10:00am service. These meetings are open to anyone who would be interested in sitting in and learn about the inner workings of our Church. No secret clearances needed. You don't even need to know the secret handshake or fist bump to attend.

Blue Moon Playdate

Calling all Kiddos!  All families are invited to attend our Blue Moon Playdates.   They occur four times a year, when there is a 5th Sunday in a month from 12-1:30. This is a family time for children and their parents to share lunch and play.  You do not need to be a member nor even attend the church service to participate. There is no cost and you don’t need to bring anything – just gotta come ready to play!  For more information, please contact the church office.

Board of Trustees

Trustees for short. They are responsible for the supervision, oversight and care of all real property of the Church as well as all equipment owned by the Church. They are also responsible to ensure the Church has adequate property, liability, crime and personnel insurance coverage to protect our Church property and personnel against risks. The Trustees shall also receive and administer all bequests made to the local Church and is responsible for receiving and administering all trusts and shall invest all trust funds of the local Church in accordance with local and state laws.  

Tough job, but the retirement plan is out of this world!

Boyfriends of the Girlfriends of the Church

BOTGOTC is an inside joke denoting the active male population of St. Paul's. There are no meetings, no fundraising, and no planned social gatherings. Hey, they're guys! Plan something? Get real!!

The name is used if the guys want to do something, like host a Comfort Food Friday or be servers at the GFOTC Tea.

Charlie's Wish Bags

Charlie's Wish Bag Ministry was started several years ago at the suggestion of one our Church members (his name was Charlie, go figure!) who wanted to help the homeless and needy people of Reno. A simple collection of toiletries, socks, snacks, and during the winter some gloves,  scarves and a cap would be placed in a bag for easy handout to people who may need them. Members of the Church are encouraged to keep a few of these bags in their cars and if they see a person who may need a Charlie's Wish bag, they would offer them one. The response we receive from this ministry has been overwhelmingly positive and will continue to be a part of St. Paul's outreach program.

Children's Time

Children's Time is a mini-sermon directed to the children during the service. Although Children's Time is for the children, many adults enjoy it just as much as the kids, maybe even more. Children's time is held during the 10:00 service when Communion is not planned. The time is just before the children go to Sunday School. Usually, a volunteer will come forward with the kids and give a 5 - 10 minute sermon, then the children head to Sunday School. The audio of Children's Time is recorded and available on this Web site under the Listen - Watch tab.

Comfort Food Friday

Comfort Food Friday, or CFF is a monthly dining event sponsored by the Girlfriends of the Church. It is held on the second Friday of each month. A dinner is served by a hosting team for a nominal charge of $7.00 per person (children are free). The food is usually home-cooked comfort food, such as Fried Chicken, Tacos, Pot Roast or other delectable treats. It usually includes a main dish, a side dish or salad, drinks, and a dessert. Dinners can be ordered to eat in house or to go, however dining in house is a great time to visit with others and make new friends.The profits are used for various projects and ministries of the Girlfriends of the Church. 

Connection Point Table

The Connection Point Table is set up in Thurman Hall after the 10:00 am service every Sunday. It is a central area that contains brochures, holy clipboards and information about church activities and ministries and is usually manned by members who can explain how you can get involved and sign up for various events. It is also a great place for visitors to learn about St. Paul's unique activities and how we encourage everyone to participate in different ways to be the hands and feet of God.