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Education Directors


What do I do at St. Paul’s? I serve on the education committee. I lead Sunday school for our Tweens.
What excites me most about my job? I love having the chance to give our kids happy learning experiences. I love to give our kids opportunities to be creative with crafts, with movement, and with their thinking. 
Birthday (no year needed!) Born June 6th 1958
Describe my family We are an ’improv’ group. I have 2 sisters and a brother. I have two sons, and two ex- husbands. I got two dogs and three chickens. 
Favorite hot drink? Coffee!!
My passions? I love to think and learn. I love to be outside exploring God’s world. Dias con Cristo makes me awfully happy these days, because I get to be useful, creative, sing and hang around with great people. 
What I like to do in my spare time I study jujitsu. I recently took up square dancing. 
Favorite vacation spot or what was the best vacation I’ve ever had? I love to camp. I love to visit the ocean. So camping by the ocean on the California/ Oregon Coast with my son and sister are the best vacations I can think of. 
Favorite Bible verse Today Isaiah 11:1-9. Tomorrow could be the 23rd Psalm. Day after tomorrow, who can say?
Favorite 2 books Basin and Range by John McPhee, Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis, Almost anything by Terry Pratchett
Favorite 3 movies Life of Pi, Grand Canyon, Robin and Marian


What do I do at St. Paul’s? I co-chair the Education committee with Jolie, teach Sunday School, care for babies and toddlers in the nursery, greet folks on Sunday especially if they have children, co-facilitate the HIIWYS group, serve as substitute secretary for Ad Council... "Triple Duty Judi" doesn't begin to cover it!
What excites me most about my job? The smiles and hugs from the children! Also, having what seems like just a good idea turn out to be a great adventure, like our re-enactment of the Last Supper a few years ago and sharing Christmas with the Congregation through art projects. 
Birthday August 28th
Describe my family My mom, Clarice, lives here in Reno. My daughter, Lea, is an accountant in Denver and I am self-appointed fairy godmother to several children/youth. I am also grateful for the amazing Church Family I have here at St Paul's. 
Favorite restaurant ANYWHERE, I hate to cook. 
What I do in my spare time I should spend it cleaning house, but if I'm not at church, I'm volunteering at Reno Little Theater or The Pioneer, at a DCC function, a union meeting or the Reno Balloon Races. 
Favorite vacation spot New York City! Also, a trip my daughter and I took to London and Sweden a few years ago holds lots of good memories. 
Favorite Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you..."
Favorite music Jo Dee Messina, Musical soundtracks and anything on K-Love radio
Favorite 3 musicals "Wicked", Elton John's "Aida" and "The Lion King"
Favorite TV shows "The View" always (I've been in the audience 5 times) and currently "Tiny House Hunting"